most of the Slicers seem expensive. And not everyone can afford to buy them. No worries, we will let you know the alternative way on how to slice meat thin without a slicer

How to Slice Meat Thin Without A Slicer? [7 Top FAQS]

Meat becomes flexible and full of flavors when it is sliced really thin. If you are one of those who love to cook and prepare meals then you must know that. There are so many advanced equipment- such as meat slicers are available at the market, which makes the task very much easier. But most of the Slicers seem expensive. And not everyone can afford to buy them. No worries, we will let you know the alternative way on how to slice meat thin without a slicer?

If you want to know how you can slice meat really thin, hold onto us till the end of the article. Hopefully, your delicious dishes will be more perfect with that truly thin and even meat.

1. Why should you learn to slice meat without a slicer?

Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

Though the veg diet is beneficial for health, it is not everyone’s piece of cake to be vegetarian. Be it beef or pork, it is really very difficult to stay away from the delicious tongue-wagging recipes of meat. I am sure that even you want to savor the taste of delicious mouth-watering items made of meat whenever you get an opportunity.

While preparing all those items, it is a very important part to cut or slice the meat accordingly. For different dishes, you need to slice the meat in different sizes and thicknesses.

Also, the thickness should be almost equal for all of the slices. And for that, you can never deny the importance of a well-equipped kitchen. Which has all the necessaries such as various types of meat slicers that can never be denied? But it is not always possible to have the equipment as they will dig a big hole in your pocket. Yes! They are expensive.

Added to that, even if you can afford to buy any high-end equipment, sometimes you may find yourself in situations where such tools cannot be available. Also, it is not a good idea to rely on machines for every single task, you cannot either. To tackle such situations, there is no alternative to knowing how to slice the meat thin even when you don’t have a slicer.

To know that, please carry on with us to the end of the article.

 2. Things you should have to cut the meat really thin by yourself

Below are some considerations that are very important for the process of slicing meat thinly without a slicer-

A good quality sharp knife: Slicing your meat is tiresome but a knife with its thin shape and blunt performance will make the difference. It is nothing but the knife, on which you have to totally rely on. Thus, you cannot compromise with the sharpness of the knife, especially when it comes to slicing. And in that case, a stainless-steel blade is the perfect choice for you.

Stainless steel ensures the high quality in a knife and they can be sharpened to cut the most even and thinnest slices possible.

Wooden cutting board: Other than a sharp and sturdy knife, a must-have part in order to slice a chunk of meat is a high-quality cutting board. Meats are quite slippery when placed on a cutting board, which is very risky for the user. Wooden cutting boards have been proved to be more effective than any other material in preventing this being slippery and ensure more grips over the chunk of meat. One more thing that you have to ensure is that the cutting does not move while cutting, and for that, you have to place the board in a way that it is perfectly leveled on the top of the kitchen.

3. Slicing the raw meat

Slice Meat Thin Without A Slicer

Raw meats are soft and slippery. They are not really an easy thing to hold, especially when you are holding a sharp chef knife in your other hand. Thus, you will need to prepare your meat for safe slicing. And you can do it through freezing it for a while. Because it is easier to work with colder meat. They move less during slicing, which allows you to achieve thin and even slices.

Of course, you don’t want your meat to harden so much that you almost need to fight a battle to get your knife through it. Thus, you have to leave your meat wrapped in baking paper in the freezer for only half an hour. It will ensure that the meat does not run away while slicing, as well as ensuring that the knife can easily pass through it.

You should always keep in mind that even the finest quality blade can dull away with constant use. Thus, if you still have chosen a knife of the highest quality possible, you will have to sharpen it a bit before using it if it is being used for a while.[1] 

Then you can place the meat chunk over[2] [3]  the cutting board and start slicing to the direction according to the[4]  meat.   

4. Slicing the cooked meat

Slicing the cooked meat will follow the same procedure as the raw one. The only difference is that you will have to let the meat cool down for 10 minutes before you begin to slice it, instead of freezing it.

This cooling down process will preserve the flavor and juiciness of the meat. It will also make it easier for you to deal with the meat. Then the same process is followed.

5. How do you slice a thin ham?

How do you slice a thin ham?

The process here is pretty much the same as well. You can here use a ham knife, which is also known as a brisket knife. Of course, it has to be really sharp. In order to get more tender slices, cutting against the meat grain is effective.

You should always apply only slight pressure during slicing meat. And the strokes should be made forward and backward. You need to be careful about which way the knife is going. Because you must want to ensure that your cut is going at the desired angle.

6. Can you slice meat on a mandolin?

You can slice meat on a mandolin if there is any emergency but the outcome may be less satisfactory. To slice meat with a mandolin slicer, you need to freeze it a little bit as well. And then run the chunk of the meat over the slicer.

7. How to thinly slice prosciutto?

To slice prosciutto in your home kitchen a flexible prosciutto knife is a great option. Along with the sharpness, the flexibility of the knife is also very important here. It is better if your knife is something like a fish filleting knife. And a serrating knife is good for prosciutto slicing. Before every cut, removing the skin near the cutting point is very important.

Final Words We hope this article helped you enough to slice meat without slicer. But you will always have to be cautious about many things throughout the process. Such as handling the knives carefully and maintaining the sharpness of the knife. You should also be careful about not freezing the meat for too long to avoid microbial effects that can upset your digestive system. Also, you should not forget to wrap the meat with foil or baking paper if you don’t want to lose the flavor

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